Women in geosciences” session at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly

We organized a session EOS7 “Women in geosciences” at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, which took place on 23-28 April 2017 in Vienna, Austria

Convener: Maria Bostenaru Dan

Co-Conveners: Ira Didenkulova , Magdalini Theodoridou , Mirela-Adriana Anghelache , Maja Miše , Riia Chmielowski , Giovanna Avellis

Session description:

This session is aimed to evaluate the involvement of women in geosciences and to enhance their involvement in the future by means of success stories and role models. The event is planned to be widely advertised among different branches of Geosciences community. Moreover, all EGU participants will be invited to take part in the discussion.
We invite talks related to female activity in geosciences and its analysis without any specific limit to the topic. We equally welcome talks related to gender equality in research, engineering and industry. Welcome are also gender dimensions in geosciences related challenges.

The session was very well attended and was also advertised in EGU today, a selected leaflet of the General Assembly.

Workshop at University of Bari on Women in Science in collaboration with ITWIIN

Who do women remain underrepresented in leadership and what we can do about it?

Too many glass ceilings and walls mark us today. This waste of talents, these showy disparities and discriminations are harming both the women and the man. And when potentialities and possibilities are leaking, all of us will lose.

The workshop will explore these questions with a group of leading women from across Research Industry and Business.

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The start of the project!

2016 Humboldt Alumni Award for Innovative Networking Initiatives

This year marks the eighth time the Humboldt Foundation has singled out innovative network ideas of Humboldt Alumni for a Humboldt Alumni Award with the aim of fostering academic and cultural ties between Germany and the Alumni’s home countries and strengthening their collaboration in the respective regions. One of the awards is specifically meant to support and promote initiatives for networking female researchers. It is intended to strengthen the career paths of female scientists and scholars on a long-term basis and encourage more female researchers to take part in the Humboldt Foundation’s support programmes.

Each award comes with up to €25,000 and is funded by the German Foreign Office. The Humboldt Alumni Awards were presented to this year’s winners on 6 July 2016 at the Humboldt Foundation’s Annual Meeting in Berlin.

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