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There is still a gap between female graduates and the pool of female job applicants – even though the proportion of female graduate students and postdocs in most scientific fields is higher today than it is ever been. Therefore we suggest that focus should be placed on examining the real challenges which women need to overcome, particularly when “mobility” comes into play. Role models who have overcome these challenges will continue to play an important part in moving towards greater parity for women.
The benefits gained from the mobility experience and the ease of reintegration afterwards also depend largely on the career stage and country of origin. Challenges may arise in the early career stages, for example just after completing a PhD, when one may encounter a lack of funds or specific equipment necessary to implement new or different techniques. In addition some individuals experience challenges arising from discrimination or scarce opportunities to obtain a stable position in their country of origin. For people facing such issues the availability of role models who have triumphed over similar situations can be inspiring.
Challenges specific to mobility can arise due to family situations; often it can be difficult to fulfil the needs of dual careers. Even when one’s partner is willing and able to relocate, it is not always straightforward to find the partner a relevant position in a convenient location. When children are involved, special attention must be devoted in order to organise their new life, as well. Therefore role models for dual career couples are needed.
We have developed electronic books (e-books) on Role Models, some of which are dedicated to excellent women scientists and the role of mobility in their careers. It is hoped that by reading about successful scientists who have achieved a healthy work-life balance while moving to new locations will be particularly helpful for those individuals considering mobility in their own careers.

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