I only found a way to register as mentor, is there another case?

The system asks you whether you would like to be a mentor or not. Based on that you either will be contacted by the young women or not. Otherwise your profile in the way you construct it (your email can also be hidden, so only your major scientific achievements will be visible) will be visible to other Role models. We believe it is important for networking and collaboration. This is also the way to find scientific partners working in close fields in other countries. Some of the young Role Models in our database state that they want to be both mentors and mentees. So, they potentially can use the search option looking for some more experienced mentors for themselves.

How can I know how many persons are on the database ? Are they all mentors or some are just Role Models?

Under your name (the top right panel) there is a “Search” option. You can specify your search and look for other Role Models, some of them agreed to be mentors, some are not.

How can I know that your database is following GDPR, the recent EU Regulations on Data Privacy?

This is stated in The Project section. You have full control on the data you enter (you can change them at any time and by request we can also delete your account). The data are not used elsewhere as stated – part of the Role Models database.

Who will have access to my profile and how?

Other Role Models can use their search function.

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