The Project

This Project focuses on the networking of women in science and technology paying special interest to their mobility, and should provide mentoring support to those women, who do or plan to do their research abroad.

Project Managers

The Project is managed by Ira Didenkulova and Giovanna Avellis. We are very happy to receive any kind of feedback from you. You can contact us directly by e-mail or using contact forms on

We are always seeking good candidates to include in our Role Models e-book, please, do not hesitate to nominate yourself or a colleague.


The network is organized through a number of the relevant associations as follows:

  • GEMS (Gender Equality for Mobile Researchers in Science) Working Group of Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA);
  • ECWT (European Center for Women in Technology);
  • EUWIIN (European Women Innovators and Inventors Network);
  • EPWS (European Platform of Women in Science);
  • m-WiSET (mobile Women in Science Engineering and Technology) Working Group of Marie Curie Fellows Association (MCFA);
  • ITWIIN (Associazione Italiana Donne Inventrici e Innovatrici) and others.

Coaching and mentoring

One of important outcomes of this project is coaching and mentoring of young women scientists, which is supported in several ways:

  • Publishing an e-book on Role Models for mobile women scientists;
  • Publishing papers on Role Models in high-level peer-reviewed journals;
  • Creating an electronic database with a possibility to request mentorship.
  • Organizing annual workshops and special sessions, booths and town hall meetings at major relevant conferences.

E-book on role models for mobile women scientists

We are publishing electronic books (e-books) about excellent women scientists and different challenges they face during their careers. These e-books are available to be used by coaching programs that support the development of systematic approaches to increasing the representation and advancement of women in science, engineering and technology. The stories contained in the e-book are useful to mentoring and coaching programs focusing on careers of women scientists.

Database of role models for mobile women scientists

We are interested in facilitating networking between excellent women scientists and understanding the role of mobility in their careers to date Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to outstanding candidates (e.g. recipients of the Leibniz Prize or ERC Advanced Grant), but rather to successful researchers who found healthy balance between their academic career and family life. Our database is open to all nominations, including self-nominations and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The database follows the GDPR policy.

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